FRANCESCA RECORDS was formed in 1996 by Gerry Beaudoin and his brother Vincenzo (The Vin Man) to take control of Gerry’s recording career and capitalize on his earlier successes with his three best-selling Boston Jazz Ensemble recordings for North Star Records as well as his acoustic cult classic Minor Swing with mandolinist David Grisman and guitarist Duke Robillard.

These recordings won industry awards and placed Gerry in the limelight in the jazz world. Vincenzo brought a Boston College degree in accounting and many years of business experience to the new company and Gerry brought all his creative skills and music business acumen. In 2003, Vincenzo sold his share in the company to pursue a career in finance, and Jay Geils came on board as the house producer/co-owner. The partnership has been very successful, with fourteen albums released, two of which were placed on the Grammy Awards ballot across multiple jazz categories. In late 2009 Francesca cut several distribution deals to distribute their back catalog. They are also active in presenting their catalog  for use in film and television.

To sum up their business philosophy, Gerry Beaudoin explains: “the music business is changing, and Francesca has to change with it to survive. In spite of this, we believe that Jay and I bring a wealth of experience to the company which is not negated by the changing economic climate in the music industry. I believe that our partnerships with other labels to get our product distributed and our new ability to distribute our products worldwide gives our company an edge in releasing more products and reaching the consumer better”.

FRANCESCA RECORDS is a company steeped in decades of jazz tradition. Our projects are not simply reminiscent of the classic era of jazz, but are also informed by it.

Home cooked jazz and blues since 1996 .”

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