“… Gerry  Beaudoin is a fine guitarist, composer and arranger. I am looking forward to more musical adventures with Gerry and his trio in the future.”  - David Grisman        

Minor Swing was re-released yesterday   for the first time in twenty years in it entirety.  Check out our catalog page for purchasing details .          

 The all acoustic,no amps allowed, recordings by the Gerry Beaudoin Trio were a watershed mark in Gerry’s’ career. His special guest, mandolinist David Grisman, had a huge impact on on the way Gerry looked at music and the setting he presented it in.  ” When I first heard the David Grisman Quintet I was very aware after a few songs that David was not just a jazz player but had allowed all of his experiences in music and all the genres he played or listened to to come out in his music. I also noticed, like all great jazz musicians,  he used the Quintet as an instrument. One other thing that wasn’t lost on me was that instead of playing jazz standards he was presenting his original compositions and crossing genres and grooves effortlessly. This had a huge impact on me. I started writing more of my own material that wasn’t solely based on the jazz lexicon and listening to a broader spectrum of music.” One other important fact wasn’t lost on Gerry,” I learned from seeing The David Grisman Quintet that all acoustic instruments performing with out amplification is such a great,pure musical sound. Each instrument has it’s own unique voice acoustically that has to be brought out by the player. His technique and control of the instrument helps create the sound not amplification which can change the sound drastically. ”  After jamming in the dressing room with David one night at Cambridge Massachusetts now defunct club, Night Stage, Gerry knew what he wanted to do for his next recording. He invited David in as his guest with his new band that included two or three acoustic guitars, Gerry, Larry Baione and Duke Robillard, his regular rhythm section of Bob Nieske on acoustic bass ,Chuck Laire on drums and Matt Glaser on fiddle. The result was his fourth recording as a leader, the all acoustic , Minor Swing. The rapport between David and Gerry was instant as well as the rest of the band. The ten song CD, running the gamut from Django Rheinhart, Bill Withers, Duke Ellington  and five Beaudoin originals has been hailed as one of Gerry’s finest recordings.  David’s appearance on seven songs is stunning in  it’s virtuosity. ” Through out the session David was into it like it was his own project and his wealth of experience in the recording studio as well as in performing totally acoustic music contributed immensely to the success of the recording. ”  Gerry knew when he walked out of the studio he had recorded a winner. ” It was one of the best times I ever had in the studio. Everyone contributed to make the music the best we could. Stand out memories are Bob’s solo on Jackie’s Serenade and Dukes solo break on Swing with Dr. Jake and of course playing with David. Everyone was hot and playing in the pocket.” say’s Gerry almost twenty years later.


Swing With Dr Jake

Gerry Beaudoin And David" Dawg" Grisman Salem State College Circa 1995

In 1996 Gerry again invited David back in the studio for another all acoustic recording” Just Among Friends ” This recording for the Honest/Linn label out of Nashville also featured jazz guitar legend and Gerry’s mentor Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar, Bob Nieske on acoustic bass, Boston’s great unsung drummer, Grover Mooney and Billy Novick on clarinet.  Another wonderful session ensued and Just Among Friends had the distinction of being placed on the Grammy Awards ballot. Gerry recalls, ” I was in heaven having two of my favorite musicians recording with me. Very fond memories of that day,” As an historical note Gerry and Bucky both played much prized acoustic archtop  guitars made by the legendary Boston luthier Elmer Stromberg.  This was the first time, to our knowledge, two guitarists ever recorded with two of these prized instruments in the history of jazz guitar. In 2006 a compilation of selected tracks from Minor Swing and Just Among Friends was released called Swing Cafe. Francesca Records will be re-issuing Minor Swing in it’s entirety with five un-released songs from these acoustic sessions to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this historic milestone in Gerry’s career.


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