Fred Lipsius

One Of the finest musicians to  ever record on our label. 

Sentimental Christmas And The Complete Gerry Beaudoin

Howard Alden And Gerry Beaudoin

Considered the premier guitarist of his generation, 

virtuosity and class describe Howard’s playing. 

The Complete Gerry Beaudoin

Jeff Stout

Jeff’s control of his instrument and the idiom 

give the Boston Jazz Ensemble a unique sound.

 In A Sentimental Mood, Sentimental Christmas And Toe Tappin’ Jazz 

Rich Lataille

His soulful bluesy sax and  unhurried 

approach to improvisation are a true gift.

 In A Sentimental Mood, The Lost Sessions And  Jay Geils Plays Jazz 

Bart Weisman

Swinging, sensitive accompaniment

describe Bart Weisman. 

 Ode To A Summer’s Night

Gerard V. Beaudoin III Vibes 

Fearless youthful enthusiasm but with

maturity on his instrument. 

Toe Tappin’ Jazz And The Complete Gerry Beaudoin


Bucky Pizzarelli And Gerry Beaudoin

A true jazz legend Bucky keeps 

writing the book on jazz guitar.

Just Among Friends And Swing Cafe 

Duke and Gerry

A true disciple of the guitar with an 

encyclopedic knowledge of the music.

Minor Swing, Swing Cafe, Retrospective And 

The Complete Gerry Beaudoin

Ron Ormsby

A true understanding of the role of the bass 

and a big fat sound are Ron’s musical calling card.


Ode To A Summer’s Night

Alan Dawson

A world class educator, percussionist and innovator 

on the drums.

In A Sentimental Mood, Sentimental Over You,

And Sentimental Christmas 


Dick Johnson

Sentimental Over You And Sentimental Christmas

Multi-Reed player Dick Johnson had a huge impact on the career of Gerry Beaudoin as well as the Boston Jazz Ensemble. From their first meeting Dick encouraged Gerry and helped  him to realize his goals in music. On the second Boston Jazz Ensemble Recording, ” Sentimental Over You” , he replaced Rich Lataille who had other obligations. Thrilled to be playing with such a giant on record , Gerry knew he could count on Dick to deliver a flawless performance and flawless it was on clarinet, alto and flute. Dick’s passing in 2010 left a void in the music world but his music lives on. on countless recordings, video’s and the hearts of his audience.

Dick Johnson And The Artie Shaw Orchestra  


Bob Nieske

Special mention must be made on this page of composer and bassist Bob Nieske. A longtime  friend, bassist and musical compatriot of guitarist Gerry Beaudoin Bob has appeared on almost all of Gerry’s early recordings from the beginning of his recording career right on and up through Gerry’s Arbors Records release, King’s Of Strings.  Bob Appears On: In A Sentimental Mood.Sentimental Christmas, Sentimental Over You, Minor Swing, Just Among Friends, Swing Cafe, The Lost Sessions, Retrospective  And The Complete Gerry Beaudoin as well as numerous compilations. From everyone at Francesca Records Bob Thank you for gracing our recordings with your great playing and your professionalism.  Bob is currently the Jazz Artist In Residence At Brandies University in Waltham MA as well as the leader of his own groups Bob Nieske’s Wolf Soup and The Big Wolf Band. 



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