Teddy’s Turn

Guitarist Teddy Lavash is the most recent addition to the Francesca roster.  He has a style all his own which blends jazz,blues,swing and rock-a-billy influences.  His recording debut, “Saturday Night at Main Streets”, was released in 2010. Featuring his mentor and good friend Gerry Beaudoin, it showcases Teddy’s unique style on jazz standards and Beaudoin originals. From a guitar duo reworking of the standard All The Things You Are to his solo, harmonically rich finger picked reading of Hoagy Carmichaels Stardust, Teddy shows he has learned his lessons well from the masters like Chet Atkins, Kenny Burrell, Hank Garland,T-Bone Walker and Jimmy Brynt. A very adept soloist he also provides solid accompaniment to Gerry’s flights of guitar artistry on the five  duo tracks.  Bassist Dave Landoni and drummer Mark Teixeira prove sold support for Teddy and Gerry on the remaining   tracks.  Teddy is also a guest guitarist on the Francesca recordings,” The Complete Gerry Beaudoin” and  ” Ode To A Summer’s Night“.  A new Gerry Beaudoin -Teddy Lavash recording is due out in 2013.

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