Summertime      Gerry Beaudoin

Jesse Williams

I Can’t Get Started                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Francesca Records is thrilled to announce the release of our latest CD, ” Blues In The Corner Pocket” by the Gerry Beaudoin-Jesse Williams Jazz Duo. It is the first duo recording Gerry has made in his career. It is totally acoustic, no amplification, and recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, no head phones  or studio gimmicks.  Just two musicians sitting face to face with two microphones. As a note to vintage guitar enthusiasts, Gerry used two wonderful Gibson non cutaway acoustic arch tops on this recording. A 1939 blond Gibson L-5 and a 1950 blond Gibson Super 400 borrowed from a friend. The 1939 L-5 has an interesting history as it belonged to the great jazz guitarist Alan Ruess and was purported to be the instrument he used with the Bennie Goodman Orchestra and in the movie the Bennie Goodman Story starring Steve Alan. It also belonged to jazz guitarist Howard Alden who passed it on to it’s currant owner. This recording also has an interesting genisis. Gerry and Jesse were on a recording session for Francesca and during a break just started to play like they would on a gig with Gerry calling tunes off of the top of his head. Nothing was rehearsed and Gerry and Jesse made up intro’s and endings and blew through some familiar tunes and went where the music took them. . The engineer kept the tape running  through out it realizing that this was special music. When the break was over they had recorded five tunes in thirty eight minutes. After listening back they were blown away by what they had just done. Francesca quickly booked another session and that  recording session was done in the same manner but with a different guitar. ” I grew up on the great jazz duo records like Pat Martino and Gil Goldsteins We’ll Be Together Again, Kenny Burrell and Richard Davis, and of course Jim Hall and Ron Carter Alone Together . These recordings had a huge impact on me and my playing in my formative years as a jazz guitarist.” say’s Gerry reflecting on the sessions.  Jesse Williams comments,” Gerry’s approach to chords and mixing them in while he is soloing is an impressive feat on guitar and Gerry seems to do it so effortlessly and with such confidence. Playing in a duo with a guitar player is so much different than with a pianist because obviously a pianist has two hands on the keyboard and eighty eight keys to use. ”  To quote Howard Alden from the liner notes.” Gerry is accompanied solely by the rock-solid and impeccable beat of Jesse Williams on acoustic bass.” And rock solid and impeccable it is. ” Jesse has a great groove and lays the time down with no hesitation. He is a great listener and can hear and react to subtle twists and turns that I do when playing. Part of it is his familiarity with my playing after so many years but also his intuitive sense and ability to in a split second go for it with me. “ comments Gerry. Jesse feels that what they created together was “ fresh, spontaneous and cohesive. ”  Because he was raised listening to the  Oscar Peterson trio with Herb Ellis and Joe Pass on guitar, Jesse feels , “ I have always enjoyed playing in groups with guitar and a lot of interplay and exciting conversational playing.  In Gerry I get to perform with someone who comes from that background and is also fresh with his own ideas. Gerry possesses a rare combination of creativity and guts  as well as his own style! “.  

The choice of material is well known standards from the jazz reportorie and two originals by Gerry,Blues In The Corner Pocket and I Often Thought You’d Never Leave Me.  Opening with a swinging take on Summertime it sets the conversational tone of the recording.  Following is the great ballad, I Can’at Get Started.  The lush chordal intro shows things to come as Gerry and Jesse take this old chestnut through some twists and turns. The title track, Blues In The Corner Pocket, is a real swinger with a couple of great conversational choruses. I Often Thought You’d Never Leave Me , written by Gerry and his son Gerard 3rd,  is a moody film noir-ish ballad featuring Jesse on the melody.  St. Thomas, which follows, has an interesting rhythm groove and lush open chords from Gerry.  Autumn Leaves is done in the introspective conversational style which has become a hallmark of this duos style. The impromptu intro and ending  show two musicians that can turn and create on a dime. One of Gerry’s favorite ballads, Body And Soul, shows off Gerry’s command of the jazz guitar’s rich chord vocabulary and his ability to think a few steps ahead as evidenced by the extended ending. Just Friends closes the session. Featuring Gerry’s explosive improvised chord solo, Freddie Green Style four to the bar rhythm guitar, Jesse’s rock solid, propulsive bass underpinnings and the duo’s joyous sense of swing and melodic solo’s you know it’s two friends playing music they love, with a partner they admire and respect from the heart and soul.

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