Henriksen Jazz Amps

We are authorized dealers for the jazz amp that has set the standard for the jazz guitarist, Henriksen Jazz Amps.  These amps are endorsed by our recording artist Gerry Beaudoin. We ship worldwide and represent the whole line. Email us for details at gbeaudoin@rcn.com


Each Henriksen JazzAmp is electronically identical, with a 5 band graphic EQ, line out, extension speaker out and reverb; the only difference is in the speaker cabinets. The 110 and 110-ER models have a single 10” speaker, and the 112 and 112-ER models have a single 12” speaker. In addition to being more portable, the 10” models have a tighter, more direct and focused sound whereas the 12” models, which are designed to handle acoustic bass as well as guitar, have a deeper, more resonant sound.

We recommend the 12” models for bass players as well as guitarists who need more low- end, especially at higher volumes, and for 7-string guitars or solo/duo work with a lot of walking bass lines. For combo work where melody lines and solos need to cut through the mix, the 10” models are more ideal. All other things being equal, guitarists who regularly need more volume will do better with a 12” model because the 12” speaker will produce more sound pressure.

The ER models have a built in high frequency tweeter which brings out frequencies above what the main speaker will produce. This is essential for flattop acoustic and nylon string guitars, or if you play any gypsy style or simply like a brighter, more acoustic tone with more pick attack. The ER models also do better to liven up the sound from solid body guitars and archtops with floating pickups. The ER models have a tweeter defeat switch on the back so that you can turn the tweeter off, and the 3kHz and 10kHz controls allow you to blend the volume of the tweeter into the mix to your liking.

JazzAmp 110 is 14”x14”x8” and 23 pounds                  MSRP $ 899.00
JazzAmp 110-ER is 14”x14”x8” and 25 pounds           MSRP $ 999.00
JazzAmp 112 is 14”x13”x15” and 32 pounds                MSRP $ 899.00
JazzAmp 112-ER is 14”x13”x15” and 34 pounds         MSRP $ 999.00


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