D’Angelico Guitars

D’Angelico Guitars: A Legend Reborn

John D’Angelico is considered the premier American arch top guitar maker. His original instruments are prized among collectors, museums and guitar enthusiasts all over the world. His legend has been reborn in the present day D’Angelico Guitar Company. These new instruments set a standard of excellence at an affordable price. We represent the full line . From the elegant flagship instruments of the USA Masterbuilt Series to the double cutaway duel humbucking model the EX-DC these instruments offer the musician and guitar enthusiast an attractive quality instrument at an affordable price.

D’Angelico Master Built Series- D’Angelico USA Masterbuilt reissues will be phased in beginning 2013. These limited run models are being built by acclaimed boutique luthier Gene Baker, Chief Master Builder at Premier Builders Guild (PBG), and his expert build team at the PBG Workshop in Arroyo Grande, California.  MSRP $13,999.99         OUR PRICE $9,999.99                                                        SPECIAL ORDER ONLY


EXL-ONE                       MSRP $ 1,609.00         OUR PRICE  $1,149.00

EX-DC                             MSRP $ 1,769.00          OUR PRICE $ 1,259.00

EX-SS                              MSRP $ 1,999.00          OUR PRICE  $ 1,409.00

EX-SD                             MSRP $ 1,659.00          OUR PRICE $ 1,185.00



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